Friday, September 30, 2016

Zoom Zoom Zoom redux

I love the song "Zoom Zoom Zoom, We are Going to the Moon." 
Perhaps this is because my favorite book as a child was:
This book taught, in no uncertain terms, that rocket travel was real and imminent. 

Good little boys would go into space and hang out with a bunch of other white dudes in some sort of space station frat house. 

Pretty great, right?

Well, it was apparently all lies. I'm still a little burned by this.

Now my views on space are more Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Ursula K. LeGuin and a little less Robert Heinlein and Orson Scott Card. Doing "Zoom Zoom Zoom" at storytime is a way of working through my broken dreams.

The Juno space probe has been sending back some awesome pictures of Jupiter. You can find all kinds of info at the NASA Juno website. To promote this at storytime, I added a Juno section after singing the Zoom Zoom Zoom song.

After going up on the rocket...

 Juno passes by the moon...

 Says "Hi!" to Mars...

 And eventually meets its new friend Jupiter and gives a big hug.

I then ask the kids to be satellites orbiting their caregiver planets.

You can even let the kids listen to Jupiter's auroras as heard by the real Juno probe:

Thanks to Wendy at Flannel Board Fun for hosting


  1. Dear Mr Keith, I feel your pain. Lies, lies, lies. I adore your voice and your flannels. AND THE NASA link! Did Curious George get to go into space? Just askin' ~ jane

  2. Totally sent a monkey up to the moon today. Thanks for the praise! :)