Thursday, August 25, 2016

Robot Shapes aka. Daft Punk is Playing at Storytime

Did you know there were originally three members of Daft Punk? 
After getting back from touring around the world,
they were playing at my house, my house

But when the robots came down from the bus, one fell apart. Oh no!

The party kids had to help me put the robot back together. I am rather inept when it comes to robot building, often getting confused as to which part goes where. I recognize that the hands are blue circles, the feet are purple rectangles and the shoulders are green trapezoids, but where the other pieces went was a mystery.

Luckily, kids love it when adults do things wrong, so it wasn’t a problem.
“Hmmm, this is a head. I think it goes right above the feet…”
“No!” they incredulously screamed.
“Oh wait, the head goes on the top, right?”
“Where is your head?”  Point to head…and so on.

After rebuilding the robot, we listen to the 
and pretend we are robots for a while.

In a robot voice, I chant:
Robots clap their hands like this... Clap hands
Robots make a noise like this... “Beep, beep!”
Robots stomp their feet like this... Stomp feet
Robots like to dance like this... Do the robot.

The robots batteries drain and then we freeze. 
We can either change batteries and power back up to do it one more time
or sit on down and move on feeling better, faster and stronger.

Since the bonus cat was a hit last week,
here is Guy Furry from Neko Atsume.

And Tubbs.

Thanks to Wendy from Flannel Board Fun for hosting!

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