Thursday, August 18, 2016

Way Up High in the Apple Tree

Thanks to globalization we have apples all year long! 
Use this rhyme to teach your kids about the lives of migrant workers.

First I get the kids to count their fingers. Hopefully they have five.
They pretend these are their apples. Commence the rhyme:

Way up high in the apple tree.
Hold up fingers, raising arm.
Five red apples smiled at me. 
Smile maniacally.
So I shook that tree as hard as I could,
Mimic frenetic shaking with hands grasped around tree trunk. 
Down came an apple! 
Take felt apple off tree and pretend to eat it. 
Then throw over shoulder.
Mmmmm it was good!
Rub tummy. 
Count how many are left and start again...

I highly recommend dramatically throwing your felt pieces in the air 
whenever removing them from the flannel board. 

Hey look it is a random fat cat!

 Thanks to Laura at Library Lalaland for hosting!


  1. Snort! Your commentary is a breath of fresh air. Your apples are sweet. And your cat is most certainly fat. As is mine, though not pictured.
    Thanks for sharing your talents, written and otherwise.

    1. Thanks for the mad props! I find snorts one of the highest forms of flattery. [attempts to do a convoluted fist bump hand shake thingy which you stare at until it gets too uncomfortable upon reconsidering whether compliments are really worth the effort so you half heartedly return it but I'm already taking my hand away]

  2. Officially my favorite new blog.

  3. Officially my favorite new comment

  4. September in Japan is all about the moon and or rabbits could we pretty please maybe have something related :->