Thursday, May 25, 2017

Toot Toot, Beep Beep: Traffic Light [aka. Ignition (remix) Pt. 2]

Emma Garcia's books are always a big hit at Toddler storytime. Too bad they are currently only "in print" in the board book format. Most of my library's large format picture book copies are getting pretty ratty due to high circulation. I made these to bring "Toot Toot, Beep Beep" off the page and onto to the feltboard.

Typically, I will put the vehicles on the board one by one, asking the kids to name the color and make the sound.

 Beep beep goes the little red Jeep.

 Honk honk goes the yellow city taxi.

Chugga chugga go the hippies in their old green camper van.

 Toot toot goes the sweet blue minivan.

Brmm Brmm goes the tiny purple car. 

 Woosh woosh go Kim and Kanye in their long pink limousine. (I think I hear the Cristal poppin')

 Vroom vroom goes the sleek black sports car.

After the vehicles are on the board, we make all the sounds at the same time. I'll hold up my hands and say "There is too much traffic! We need help!" 

Then I'll put up the traffic light with the red light and yell, "STOP!"

Then, the kids pick which color vehicle they are driving and we wait for the green light.

On green we drive around until we see the yellow light. "We better slow down!"

Then I'll put up the red one again. And repeat the process.
We finish by driving into the parking lot of the library just in time for storytime!

And after storytime is the bubble party.
And after the bubbles is the library lobby.
After checking out books they gonna clear the lobby.
Then they take it outside and probably go to Chik Fil-A with somebody.

Fun side note: I always close storytime with Zoom Zoom Zoom and let one of the felt pieces take a trip to the moon. It is fun to send Kim and Kanye into space in their pink limo. It is where the 1% belongs.

Thanks to Wendy at Flannel Board Fun for hosting this weeks:

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