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Flannel Friday Roundup-November 18, 2006

Ready to gobble, gobble, gobble up some flannelboard greatness?

It is turkey time as we get ready for the holidays on this fine feathered flannel friday! Let the crafty cornucopia runneth over.

Shawn at Read, Rhyme and Sing has a couple posts. 
First, this awesome extended remix of "Do You Know the Muffin Man" introducing Granola Girl, Bagel Boy and Waffle Woman!

Her Thank You song takes a super silly turn at the end. 
I'll definitely be using it next week!

Kate at Feltboard Magic is bringing the Christmas joy with several cute sets:
Five Christmas Presents

Five Little Stockings

Five Christmas Bells

Five Candycanes

I think I'm ready to start putting up Xmas lights, now!

Wendy at Flannelboard Fun has been busy with three posts.
I love the use of textured felt in
Thanks a Lot 

There are absolutely NO turkeys in this awesome
Five Nervous Turkeys, please move along. 

and a Clip Art Mish Mosh 
of ideas including images for this classic rhyme. 
Can you guess it?

And finally, Kathryn from Fun with Friends at Storytime is ready for some holiday eating with her 
I Love Food post. 
I'm going to have to use her Brown Bread Brown Bread rhyme. So creative!

Next week there will not be a roundup due to the holiday. Have a restful time full of peace and love. Or spend time with your family, whichever!

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