Friday, June 24, 2016

Trucks! Tools! Trains!

I’ve been doing a letter of the week based on ECRR’s first sounds that young children can pronounce. Patty LeCake introduced the letter “T” this week.

I was really happy with my transition times, with my three “T” themed rhymes, they went real fine, done one at a time….I love storytime like I love my own mind, I will never be satisfied.... wait I digress.
Number One!
Trucks! I used different color Dump Trucks (patterns from a coworker) to go with from a rhyme learned from jbrary:. Bumpity Bump goes the Dump Truck. Each truck dumped out different color shapes, accompanied by dumping sound effects.
Bumpity-bumpity goes the Red dump truck,
Bumpity-bumpity goes the Red dump truck,
Bumpity-bumpity goes the Red dump truck,
Dumping out the load!


Number Two!
Tools! I then showed them Tap Tap Bang Bang by Emma Garcia. After reading a select few pages, I used felt tools to start pretend building with the shapes the dump trucks left behind.

First we tapped with our hammers, singing  “Jenny Hammers One Hammer”, my gender swapped version of Johnny Hammers. (BTW, I love using KCLS’s  Tell Me a Story resource. They are giving jbrary a run for the money. I keep lobbying for my system to do a similar thing…)

Jenny hammers one hammer, one hammer, one hammer.
Jenny hammers one hammer, all day long.

Instead of adding additional hammers, we kept switching tools and using them.
We twisted our pretend wrenches singing Jenny Wrenches One Wrench.
Jenny twists one wrench, one wrench, one wrench.
Jenny twists with one wrench all day long.

We drilled (making pretend drills with our hands). Jenny Drills,,,of course.
Jenny drills with one drill, one drill, one drill.
Jenny drills one drill all day long.

Finally we painted up and down, left and right.
Jenny paints with one brush, one brush, one brush.
Jenny paints with one brush all day long.

And viola:

Number Three!
Trains! Finished up the “T” trilogy with “This is a Choo Choo Train” (KCLS again):
This is a choo-choo train,
Puffing down the track.
move arms like a train
Now it’s going forward,
move forward
Now it’s going back.
move back
Now the bell is ringing,
ring bell
Now the whistle blows.
blow whistle
What a lot of noise it makes,
cover ears
Everywhere it goes!

Best part of doing this sequence was that it was super entertaining to me. Ok, now I'm satisfied.

Thanks to Flannelboard Fun for hosting:

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  1. Love this one, Keith! If only I had seen it before my interview for Toddler Librarian . . .