Friday, June 17, 2016

Animal Colors

I found this rhyme forever ago in Jane Cobb’s book, “I’m a Little Teapot! Presenting Preschool Storytime.” That was the first storytime training manual I found that contained rhymes and songs which didn’t seem to me like they came from a MLS textbook from the 1800s. Unfortunately it is out of print. Fortunately, my libary school buddy Miss Allison (who BTW has an awesome blog, Lightsome Librarian) recently informed me that Ms. Cobb’s newer book “What'll I Do with the Baby-o? More than 350 Rhymes and Songs to Use in Play with Babies and Toddlers” is still available.  It’s full of super-dope baby rhymes with lots of suggested ECRR asides. But, I digress.

Animals Colors is a versatile action rhyme which can be used as filler or with Animals/Pets/Colors/Movement themes. I will put up all the felt pieces at the beginning and ask for help identifying the animals or their colors. The I tell them we are going to pretend to be animals and start the rhyme.  It goes a little like this:

"Can you hop like a white rabbit? 
Put up hands as bunny ears and hop around

Can you jump like a green frog? 
Squat down and start jumping and ribbeting

Can you waddle like a yellow duck? 
Keep squatting, stick thumbs in armpits, waddle and quack

Can you wag your tail like a brown dog? 
Start barking and shake your booty

Can you fly like a blue bird? 
Stand up and flap arm wings while tweeting

Can you swim like a red fish? 
Hold hands together in front of you and mimic swimming

Can you sit back down and be as still as this?"
I love rhymes that finish with a centering activity!

Thanks to Mollie at What Happens in Storytime for hosting...

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  1. I just love your designs. Also, coincidentally, I just this week ordered a used copy of I'm a Little Teapot for $4 from a seller on Amazon. It's been on my wish list since 2004 so I thought I should go ahead and get it! It is arriving today or tomorrow--but I will have to see if I can track down a copy of the other book you mention as well.
    Your activity above is adorable, and sounds like a great quad workout, too :)