Thursday, April 13, 2017

Flannel Friday Roundup for April 14

Hoppy Easter! Hope everyone gets as many (or as few) Cadbury Creme Eggs as they desire!

Felt fanatics, we have a bunch of great sets this week!

Easter is my favorite holiday because...Bunnies! Thankfully, Kate from Felt Board Magic has a trio of cute Easter sets...

Amy S. from one little librarian is bringing some Easter finger puppet awesomeness with  Ten Little Bunnies!

Heather from Lady Librarian's Literacy, Lifestyle and Lookbook Log has mixed up some yummy Rainbow Stew.

Kathryn from Fun with Friends at Storytime is getting ready for this year's Summer Reading (panic attack!) theme. She's building a better world with her original Let's Build with Blocks set.

Wendy from Flannel Board Fun has some pretty patterned pachyderms playing in Five Elephants went out to Play!

I have a couple bouncing rhymes this time.  

and my take on To Market, To Market...

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  1. I have three Easter felt sets to share this week. and and

  2. I have a set that we will use this summer Building Blocks

  3. i have a bunny song for today too

  4. I have some Rainbow Stew with my own little modification for this week:

  5. Hi Keith. Thanks for hosting this week! I have some elephants to share :)