Friday, March 24, 2017

Kawaii Chicken in the Barnyard

Another rhyme about biting. As little as most adults like being bitten by children, there sure are plenty of rhymes encouraging parents to bite their kids. It's a pretty weird double standard. I guess it is never to early to teach kids about the hypocrisies and contradictions of life in the modern world.

On a less morose note, I've been loving the Caspar Babypants song, "Chicken in the Cornbread." Me and my coworker, Amanda are borderline groupies.

Chicken in the barnyard,
Bounce child up and down to rhythm
Staying out of trouble.
Along comes a turkey and...
Slow down and build dramatic tension
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!
Pretend to bite

This rhyme is all about anticipation. Babies love waiting for the turkey to attack.

Thanks to Jessica from Storytime in the Stacks for hosting:

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