Thursday, May 26, 2016

Patty LeCake

Sometimes (frequently) I get tired of using traditional rhymes, so I remix them a bit.

Patti LeCake is a cupcake with a New Attitude. She is trying to teach introductory phonics from Every Child Ready to Read (ECRR) research, all On Her Own. I'm like her Michael McDonald.

So basically, we do the pattycake song but use different letters instead of “B”:

“Patti LeCake, Patti LeCake, baker man,  clap along
Bake me a cake as fast as you can. keep clapping
Roll it…. Roll your hands
And pat it…. Make patting motions
And mark it with a [insert letter of the day] apply felt letter to cupcake
And put it in the oven for [name that begins with that letter] and me.  
Shove tray forward, point out and then at self”

Each week, a new letter sound is introduced. We then practice saying words that begin with that letter. ECRR recommends starting with these letter sounds: 
w, p, b, d, t, m, n, h, y 
and then doing:
 f, v, s, z, g, *k/c. 
These are the first sounds toddler mouths can easily reproduce.

The first letter I presented was a big red “W” right in the middle of the cupcake’s forehead because…ECRR, The Scarlet Letter and the Wolves from the Walking Dead


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  1. I LOVE your kawai-style flannels, they are super cute! Do you freehand or trace them from clip art online? And I love how you are spicing up the letter of the day routine, I've been on the lookout for new ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    Storytime in the Stacks