Thursday, October 12, 2017

Yoga Bunny

Super excited about this new set of felt bunnies. This week I read the book "Yoga Bunny" by Brian Russo and loved it…but it is a little to wordy for my toddler storytime. I’ve wanted to incorporate yoga into my program for a while, so it was a perfect opportunity to cut up some felt!

I’m going to have the kids try to imitate the poses of the bunny.

Bunny woke up one morning and stretched out her arms.

Then she dropped her head and arms down to her toes in a forward fold – (Uttanasana)

She walked her hands forward and stepped backward so she looked like a downward-facing doggie – (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Bunny stood up tall, placed her hands in front of her heart and balanced on one foot in the tree pose – (Vriksasana)

Bunny stepped back bent her front leg and reached her arms way up high in warrior pose– (Virabhadrasana)

Then she took a deep breath, and lay down on her back in resting pose – (Shavasan)

She took one more deep breath and said, “Om…”

So peaceful it will be…

Thanks to Jessica from Storytime in the Stacks for hosting:


  1. I do yoga poses for my toddler storytime as well, and I find it fascinating the different variations of toddler yoga

  2. Oh my goodness, this is so cute! I did a yoga themed storytime a while back and didn't actually use a flannelboard for it, but it would be really fun to have some yoga pose felt pieces for the future.

    1. Definitely check this book out. It has a bunch more bunny poses in the front and back endpapers.

    2. Speaking of yoga books, have you read You Are A Lion by Taeeun Yoo? That was one of my favorites for my yoga storytime. There are seven poses in it based on animals. I was thinking of maybe making a yoga cube, like a song cube, with six different animals on it and rolling the die to decide what pose to do that day. I love your yoga bunnies though, so I may take that idea instead or in addition!