Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dog's Colorful Day

I love Emma Dodd! 
Her big bold images are perfect for converting to feltiness.
This is an edited down version of her book, Dog’s Colorful Day.  Dog becomes a messy rainbow of primary and secondary colored spots.

 Here is Dog. She is white and has one black spot.

Dog gets messy spots of:
 Red – Ketchup from a picnic 
(pretend to eat)

Orange – OJ from same picnic 
(pretend to drink)

Yellow – Bee pollen 
(have kids buzz their finger around like a bee and land on different body parts)

Green – Grass 
(Dog tries to get clean by rolling around in the grass. 
Get down on the floor and squirm around!)

Blue – Paint 
(Dog runs into Banksy who is tagging the neighborhood with blue spraypaint. Pretend to spray paint.)

Purple – Marker

 Dog is now seriously dirty. We count the number of spots and say the colors.
Then we all pretend we are dogs taking baths, washing our different body parts from head to toe. (Remove spots)

Hey! Now dog is clean! Yay. Wait she ran outside and rolled in the grass again!

The aloe plant is mildly amused.

Thanks to Mollie at What Happens in Storytime for hosting!

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